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August 21, 2009


POW! Welcome to my 2 deka-Motion Caption Contest New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma 2009.07.243 !!!!!!! Kind of crazy it's 20 already right? I'd like to thank phukuhp and westsideslant for doing their blogs, they have brought me a great deal of glee. Jason2k1 and ClayJunky have kick ass blogs too. I'd really like to thank everyone who has ever posted me a caption to be annotated in some goofy internet viral video! This is very time consuming but I enjoy it immensely! I show it off to friends at parties and we howl with laughter! I'm so happy it's like I'm about to raise the roof because the McRib is returning!!!

I've been trailing behind on the annotations but time is scarce lately for me. I'd annotate them right now but it's Friday and I'm on my way to watch Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds! I literally damn near have the shakes for this film! Patton Oswalt just came out with a new album, My Weakness Is Strong. It is fiking hilarious! He is my second favorite stand up after Carlin of course!

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Ok, so I believe I'll annotate all on Sunday so check back in and here we go!
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20 New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma FoD Annotations!