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March 10, 2008


first thing that happens today, before i can even get my breakfast (mmmmm...pancakes) a 'salesman' from verizon comes into my store, looking like he woke up to a really nice 8-ball (i know he didn't but no one should have that much energy before 9am), asking me who my store's phone service is with. i have no idea. hoping my flat admission of ignorance and subsequent turn away from him towards the computer would signal the end of our conversation. alas, it did not. he proceeded to ask one question after another, first about an item in the store, or something personal of mine...then he'd ask about the phone service again, or ask if there was someone else in charge (i lied and said there wasn't). i finally got rid of him by telling him his head looked like a penis (it did). i'm gonna get in trouble for that one, but FUCKER does the phone company NEED to send sales people to you? isn't calling us enough? oh, and here is a fantastically un PC way to end this little rant, the salesman was indian (dots, not feathers), albeit very americanized, but i recognized his name as hindi and what was left of his accent...so verizon isn't just outsourcing the telemarketing jobs.

still, anything to bring us closer to a global economy can't be that bad, maybe my dream will come true and 500 years from now we'll all be a nice light mocha color and no one will care who/what you marry as long as it's self-aware...i mean, i'd like that day to come sooner, but not enough white people are fucking brown people (sexually, i mean. metaphorically white people have been fucking brown people for centuries) and too many people in general think it's okay for a man and a woman who have known each other for two hours to get married in vegas, but two dudes in love still have to file their taxes separately (and who knows what bullshit will fly when someone tries to marry an alien!). seriously, are we really that enlightened when the majority of people still believe that there is a group of other people who don't deserve to be treated entirely human simply because of...(insert stupidity here)? i'm not even excluding myself (entirely), because i have prejudices too, i inherently dislike the highly devout. but i'm working on it. i've learned a lot about religion, and many different kinds. i've watched people i love use it to help them through really tough times (some of which were my fault), and it's not that different than how i use music. it makes each day worth living...and i say find as many things that make you feel like that. religion just isn't for me. now, i'm not past feeling initially uncomfortable around piety, but i no longer exclude people because of it. but if you prove to be ignorant/intolerant i don't care what makes you happy, i don't want to hear it, that's where i draw the line. otherwise i don't care if you dry hump a giant spaghetti monster to the overture of 1812 every night of the week. if it makes you happy i'm all for it. now...i gotta poop

peace and love

hippy twon