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January 01, 2009


This topic came to mind as I was chatting with a girl who I really want to put the stones to.  I found out that New Years was her least favorite holiday.  I felt the same way.  New Years shouldn't even be counted as a real holiday.  New Years day can be celebrated any day of the year.  The Earth completes a full trip around the sun every day it just depends where you want the planet's starting line to be.  NY also shouldn't be a holiday because we really don't do anything special. You can drink, kiss your loved one,  and countdown anytime you want.  Watching a ball drop is not that exciting to me.  A human sacrifice would be something worth watching.  Finally, NY doesn't have a color scheme.  Most major holidays have a color scheme.  What are NY's? I propose that a different holiday be given the honor of being a major holiday.  St. Patrick's would be the perfect choice.  It has a color scheme, it's own food, and a good reason to need the day off.