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September 12, 2008


Not a whole lot to say about this movie.  Kevin Spacey was cool as usual, hot blonde chick with a brutal haircut, nerdy main character dude tried to act tough to much. (how tough can you possibly be when you flog ties for a living?)  Nerdy main character guys fat best friend guy looked too much like the fat guy in Superbad.
Black guy from Matrix, what the hell happened to him, did he become the New mayor of Chunkersville??!!!
Despite a few minor flaws, 21 was fresh, fun and riviting......Bold.

Rating- 8 on 10

2) Batman the Dark Night

Well well, take a pee before this one starts! Not because its so scary that you will pee your trousers, but because its 3 hours long! Lots of clown masks and a Batman that sounded like Ray Barone with a headcold when he talked(made me want to throw acid in my ears in hopes of becoming deaf for the next 2 to 3 hours).  Special effects were supurb! Character development was lacking and that really had my knickers in a bunch because I really wanted to get to know Eric Roberts mob character a little better (can you sense the sarcasim?)who casted this bro of Julia! Could his man lips be any more valumptious??? His mouth looks like a baboons huge discusting puffy pink ass!!!
Heith stole the show and was the only reason that I did not fake an asthma attack to get my money back.
All in all I thought it was way too long and very boring at times but I am in the minorty on this one.

Rating - 7 on 10 (a very light 7 )

3) The Ruins

Good God, Did anyone else see this one?  Very Scary vines attack people.  Yup no need to re read, I said vines.  Then vines danced and made scary noises before attacking people. I honestly would rather spend a full week in church (standing) then watch 5 more minutes of this train wreck.  Good for them, they got my $6. 

Rating 1 on 10 (only because the hot chick got naked)