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September 16, 2015

During the GOP debate, Donald Trump pulled off his face revealing he's Banksy in a career defining art piece.

During the GOP debate, Trump, flanked by Dr. Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, interrupted moderator Jake Tapper saying, ‘Mr. Tapper, one more thing…’ then ripped off his prosthetic face showing the country that not only is Donald Trump not a real person, but that Banksy is the greatest artist of the 21st century.

Republican candidate Carly Fiorina described Banksy as a “slightly-chubby man…saggy, like if Paul Giamatti soaked in the tub too long.”

The hundreds of people in attendance at the Ronald Reagan Library gasped as Banksy high-fived all the GOP candidates–Chris Christie even let out an child-like, ‘cool.’

Banksy then grabbed the mic to explain why he lived this double life.

“Well, it’s been a wild ride huh? I started dressing up as Donald when I was little. It was fun, really funny like Mrs. Doubtfire, but his character got away from me. I feel like Anakin becoming Darth Vader. The power. I’m an asshole, but a rich and powerful asshole people talk about, and that’s addicting. Honestly, it’s been the time of my life. He’ll be hard to let go, but this is stupid. I mean you’re letting him win a lot of important things. I know he’s brash, loud, rich and insanely entertaining, but C'MON! Thank God, he’s just my art project. GOD! Can you imagine if he wasn’t just a skin suit I hang on a mannequin in my loft? Anyway this was awesome. Peace!”

The crowd gave Banksy a standing ovation as he collected his wrinkled Trump skin, bowed a couple times, and was air lifted by an Uber Chopper through the sky light. Jake Tapper got the crowd to settle, and continued the debate asking Jeb Bush, “Why are you here?”