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February 01, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #6
Introducing Art and Dotty Todd's LP "Black Velvet Eyes".   

13. Oh Art, you devil! Get your finger out of there.
12. Henri Beau.: Oh, he’s GOOOOD!!!
11. "That's right, Dotty, I do use a teeth whitener that I bought with a coupon from Walmart. You likey???"
10. The favorite soundtrack for Key Parties Gone Horribly Wrong®
9. Featuring the hit singles, "If You Call the Police, I'll Knock Your Teeth Out", and "How Can I Love You If You Don't Lay Down?"
8.  Who knew Kenneth from “30 Rock” had the spare time to be a masked rapist?
7. When did the Green Lantern & Joan Collins do a duet
6.75 Art's manager convinced him to remove a song he wrote about how shitty Dotty's coffee is
6.5 Be Sure To Listen For Art's Scatting On "Baby, There's A Fireworks Show In My Balls"!
6. Black Velvet Eyes.. White Tiny Penis
5. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH this detached head is attacking me!
4. I think she's about to experience Zorro's swordplay.
3. Art also placed a very small bow tie & mask on his peen
2. "BRUCE! Who the fuck is Bruce?! It's Art you dirty whore! Wait, wait...you mean Bruce...my brother, Bruce? Brucee??? Why you little, THWAP, Is this what you like? THWAP, Huh, is this what you're IN to? THWAP, You made me do this...you made me do this..."
Black Velvet Eyes.

1. Back in the 50's and 60's Rapists had more panache