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Published: August 21, 2013
Description: 5 unrelated excerpts of Dating Profiles

Dating Profile #1 

Name: Seth G

Birthplace: Devon

Interests: Drugs

Nickname: Crystal Seth 

Dating Profile #2 

Name: Moses

Interests: Scrolls, scriptures and heavy books

Profession: Argos Employee 

Dating Profile #3

Name: Donald

Profession: Top Trumps Manufacturer

Interests: Sharks, Planes, Boats, Football, Cars etc

Favourite Place to be: A long coach journey

Dating Profile #4

Name: Fardid

Profession: Night Club Owner

Favourite Film: Prince of Persia

Dating Profile #5

Name: Seth C

Allergies: Popping Candy

Interests: Charity work and building schools in Africa

Nickname: UNISETH