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July 25, 2008


Ramifications of Your Vote this November

Jim McPartland



Obama or McCain?

Shouldn’t be a tough choice. As I’ve heard on Hardball with Chris Matthews-- if Barack can’t win this election, those of us who are die hard Democrats might as well hang it up. Every wind that’s blowing is in a ‘change’ direction. I would argue that the bulk of US citizens are so naïve--or utterly stupid-- that putting Bush in the House for the last 8 years is beyond idiotic. But what’s done is done. And I look forward to better times. Actually to any times where, if you don’t make $43,000,000 annually, you are not worried about tomorrow.

As George Carlin said “Democrats think about people. Republicans think about things’. If you look at how the rich spend their money, I can’t see how you’d debate this. The dichotomy of wealth between the rich and everyone else has never been more dramatic than now. Yet Bush insisted on giving the wealthy tax breaks. McCain plans to continue them. Barack is saying if you make over $250,000 you have to pay more. How can you argue with that? Are you saying that $250k isn’t enough to pay your bills, put some away and enjoy that two weeks In Hawaii? What would you need to cut back on if you had to pay another 5% or so? If you’re in the 35th tax bracket, we’re talking another $3000. If you tell me that would create a burden on you at $250k, then I would suggest looking up the word ‘burden’ and think about the cashier that waits on you while you’re in Hollister spending $87 for a fucking pair of panties.

The war. $12,000,000,000 PER MONTH. Billion. With a ‘B’. There’s no end in sight. Bush has cut every program for the poor under the sun and ol’ Johnny Boy will just continue that as well. There is no way in hell the budget can be balanced while we piss this money away trying to instill our way of life on people who resent it. Ed Ryan has me reading “Imperial Life in the Emerald City- Inside Iraq’s Green Zone” by Rajiv Chandrasekaran (whoa!). In it, it was decided early on to eliminate the Iraqi army. There was already 40% unemployment and it basically said ‘Go fuck yourselves’ to the soliders even though we needed them and they wanted to help us.

So what did they do?

Joined the insurgents.

Wouldn’t you?

Heating oil is over $5 a gallon now. There is a Katrina like crisis that will happen in the Northeast in November. Bush cut the assistance to low income folks by 22%. The price has doubled; he cuts it by a ¼. Someone do the math, There will be frozen elderly bodies like a Stephen King novel come January if something isn’t done now. The entire congress in the Northeast (both sides of the aisle this time) is blowing an air siren you can hear in Moscow. Buddy boy George and John have cotton in their ears—or they forgot to put their hearing aids in. Maybe both.

Every idea I have heard from Barack is backed up with how it will be paid for and plain common sense. Yet ‘Joe Lunchbox’ in Pennsylvania can’t understand it. He knows he can’t keep up with his bills but can’t see through the trees and thinks because McCain has more ‘experience’ he’s a better candidate. Wait—that’s a lie. They just won’t vote for ‘ni**ers’. How sad is that? We’re in 2008 and we have a cluster of losers that want to return to slavery and white’s only diners. I want those people to leave. Far, far away. Form your own country with Texas as your capital. I promise I won’t bother you. You will have to decide, however, who will do all those jobs like cleaning up pig guts at the slaughterhouse if I take all the illegal immigrants. You can keep Kelly Clarkson and Toby Keith. I get every band from NYC and LA. You keep NASCAR, I get the MLB. We’ll split the NFL- you can have the Cowboys and Falcons. I get the Giants, Patriots and Raiders.

I could go on, but it just gets me more pissed off as I think about it and it’s only 6:30 AM on a Saturday. I don’t want to ruin my weekend. But I will pray in church tomorrow that the current motherfucking administration (and possibly future) gets hit with a bolt of lightning that shakes them to the core, opens their eyes, and has them take a homeless person to lunch. A black guy. At the diner. Yeah—dream on.