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Published: September 23, 2010
Description: One of my brainstorming session . . .


Yessiree! I am going to sell socks . . . dick socks! Who will not love these warm and fuzzy socks to keep yours warm . . . comfy . . . and toasty . . . yet it can also keep it cool when needed.

It comes in different colors for all sizes . . . from a "dong" to a "tallywhackers" to a "schlong"

Argyles will be $5.00 more just because my 85 year old grandmother is the only one who can knit this intricate design.

We can even personalize your dick sock. You can indicate if you want handy dandy stash pocket for your pot fills!

Order now and shipping is FREE . . . I will personally handle it with care!

COMING SOON ~ flavored dick socks!!! Comes in cherry, passion fruit, spit and wintergreen for that minty taste.