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April 17, 2010


    How many of you have voted for a candidate, and after they were elected, they totally "shit the bed"? They promise you a better life, and you get stuck with more of the same crap! It's not supposed to be that way. These "elected officials" are supposed to work for us. We, as taxpayers, are paying them to do a job. In thier job description, it is said that they are to take care of the citizens' concerns. When is the last time that your local Congressman addressed anything that you truly could give two shits about?
We all have basic needs. Me, I need the basic things. A roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in my stomach, love in my heart, and a job to pay for it all. With these harsh economic times, a job that can pay for all of those things is really hard to come by. Most Americans are taking a big hit in the wallet lately, and I'm no different. I can blame the banks, big companies, and politicians for the economy's big slide. Banks were irresponsible in the way that they loaned money to anyone who had a mailing address, and that includes illegal aliens, who defaulted on those loans leaving the banks to pay the price. Companies are shipping jobs overseas to cheaper workforces, causing a soaring unemployment rate, while the politicians turn a profit from the big companies "greasing thier palms" to let them do it.
It seems to me, that those companies actually run this country. The Congressman and Senators are just corporate puppets, and will pass any law if someone pays enough money. I hate to put it that way, there are actually a few politicians that are honest. (Very few.) If someone from AT&T went to a Senator with a request, he would have enough money in his pocket to get what he wanted. (I don't mean to pick on AT&T, it is just an example.) If I had a problem, I couldn't even get an appointment to speak with a Senator. Politicians don't have time for ordinary people unless they are up for re-election.
When the Constitution was written, it was supposed to be a Government by the people, and for the people! It was, for many years. When the world entered the Industrial Revolution, Democracy changed. Companies now had power. I'll give you an example. Does everyone remember hearing about Prohibition?
There were no illegal drugs or alcohol. People were free to use any "mind altering" substance that they wanted to use, as long as they didn't get into any trouble by doing so. (Hell, Coca-Cola actually had cocaine as an ingrediant! That's how they came up with that name.) At that time, the crime rate in the country was low, and prisons were not overcrowded. (With the taxpayer footing the bill to keep "drunks and druggies" incarcerated.)
Enter the "Fat cats". The big whig bankers and company executives that had a wad of cash to throw around, didn't approve of alcohol or drugs. So, they lined the pockets of the friendly neighborhood politician. That politician took that money to Washington, and spread the wealth. (I"m not making this shit up! The big money came from the Canrnegies' and Melon's. The "Carnegie Hall" Carnegies', and the "Melon Bank" Melons'.) So began Prohibition! All alcohol and drugs were against the law. It began a crime wave that included "Moonshiners" and gansters like "Al Copone". The crime became so bad that the politicians made alcohol legal again. Crap,  people were making thier own beer and whiskey, and the government wasn't making any money from it! Drugs still are illegal. (I believe that all chemical drugs should be illegal, but all natural drugs should not.)
People have been trying to get "pot" legalized for decades, but they must not have enough money. I have heard the stories for years, and I bet you have too. I think that most politicians have access to drugs, and quite a few use them on a regular basis. (Most will admit to trying pot, but not inhaling.) But, nobody is greasing thier palms with enough cash to get the law changed.
    Like I said before, the only time that (most) politicians will listen to us, is when they are up for re-election! In my book, politicians are just DOUCHEBAGS!