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March 25, 2013

The moment everyone has been waiting for has come true. Jennifer Lawrence has a sex tape!

Hunger Games fans can now rejoice! A Jennifer Lawrence sex tape has just hit the internet!

The sizzling hot actress got her Winter's Bone on for all to see in this tape. The sought after recording features the beautiful Lawrence and her ex, Nicholas Hoult, getting down & dirty. By the looks of the tape and time stamp in the right corner, this raunchy tape was recorded during the filming of X-Men: First Class.


The 24 minute athletic sex session features a slightly inebriated Lawrence bending and curling into a plethora of impressive positions that even have Sting taking notes.

Lawrence hasn't made a public statement yet, but her brother, Blaine has been reached for comment. Blaine was reported as saying, "Look. My sister has a private life. And what she does in the privacy of her home, should remain her business. For people to profit off of her stolen property makes me sick."

The Silver Linings Playbook starlet's sex tape is currently being shopped around, with the leading bidder being the infamous Vivid Entertainment. And I can tell you this, I'll be shooting a lot more than arrows when I see this Katniss Everdeen sex tape.