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April 25, 2010


Twin Med Direct is a medical supplier company in USA. This company was started in 1998. Since then, the company never had to look back. The main reason for the success of this company is mainly due to the quality nitrile exam gloves.

Right from the beginning, the company has never compromised with the quality of its nitrile exam gloves or esteem stretchy nitrile gloves. Neither has it compromised with the quality of customer satisfaction. It was opened as a small business initially. As customers started receiving great amount of benefits from the company, Twin Med Direct became their regular supplier in the supply of different health care and medical equipments including the nitrile exam gloves. It is because of this that today, Twin Med Direct has become one of the leading suppliers of hospital supplies, home health care supplies and different types of medical equipments. The company has now 7 distribution centres throughout USA in order to give the fast delivery of the products ordered.

This company is sure to meet all the expectations of the customers. It is due to their experience in this field that they have known the prices of different gloves like nitrile exam gloves and the normal nitrile exam gloves and accordingly fixed their own prices. They have fixed their prices at an exceptionally lower rate than the market rate.

Apart from the cheap rates offered by the company, they also offer occasional discounts on several health care products dealt in by them. This has helped them to gain more and more customers over the years. They have also been known to give the best customer service unlike any other medical supplier company.