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March 16, 2010


So I’ve been contin*ing with my cr*sade against the letter “U,”  b*t I’m realizing it’s extremely diffic*lt with the *niversities we work with. Most of them have “U” in their breves!!! LS*, AS*, MS*, etc.

My task will be m*ch harder than anticipated.

BTW “breve” is a “breve” for abbreviation for those of yo* not privy to the interweb lingo! I can’t believe abbreviation has an abbreviation! Think about it… it’ll blow yore mind.

Getting back on task, I’ve already contacted Scrabble abo*t getting rid of the “U” in the game… no one responded. It’s abo*t time to take this to the next level!!!!!

Some things are looking *p tho*gh… this photo was capt*red at a recent S*ns game:

Looks like Steve Nash is on board with my vent*re here since he had his jersey’s “U” changed to an O! Thanks for the s*pport Steve.

Who else is with me?!?!?!? (…*cricket*cricket*cricket*…)

Oh well… ‘Til next time…