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September 26, 2008


     Witnessing this latest British duo to crash our TV it again dawns on me:   It's always funny when an idiot starts urinating on a woman while she's trying to swim laps in a pool.   Who today can compare to Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove?   Even the almighty Zucker franchise seems diluted and sophomoric.   Like TANK GIRL before,  comedies today settle for sight gags and short cons like penniless crack whores, while missing the originality and tongue-in-cheek cultish nature of a film like TANK GIRL.  

     What George Carlin called the "Pussification" of America can be easily applied to the collective decline in standards across the spectrum of the entertainment machine.   What separates THE JERK from the rest was its commitment to form and a great writer willing to act.