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July 11, 2008


BEIJING — As the world watches on, Beijing residents will be on their best behavior. The Department of Tourism and police, are asking folks to stop spitting in the streets while visitors are in town for the Olympic games. Spitting is not seen as rude and or dirty, like it is in other parts of the world.

Sources close to nose-picking, golden-ticket-winner, Violet Beauregarde say, "Spitting's a nasty habit."

Sources close to Joe loving, cum guzzling hookers say, "Nevah eveah spit. You make mo money fo swarrowring."

Sources close to bukkake Betties say, "Swarrow? What dat?"

Following South Korea's lead during the 1988 Olympics, restaurants in Beijing also have been told to remove xiangrou, also known as Fido, Rover, Spike and man's best friend, from its menus during this time.

Sources close to restaurant owners say, "Cream of Some Young Guy wirr remain on the menu because even we know, gays rove the Orympics armost as much as they enjoy man soup."