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Published April 23, 2010
I feel a  Gonzo reporter on this one.A source of mine gave me this e-mail. All I can say beware of fake muslims with Jewish names. I dunno if this is true but it's funny to me.Listen Sak, I have inside info about that so-called muslim group that threatened South Park.Those so-called muslims were friends of mine on BLANK @ 3 months agoand I had written back and forth with them and saw their website too.They are a new group who bait crazy people by saying that Osama BinLadin and the FT. Hood shooter are heroes, etc. They are not realmuslims, these guys are pulling a big stunt with the media and gettingaway with it. They must be laughing their asses off now, with the SouthPark publicity. Their leader, Yusuf al-Khatab, --that's not his realname. It was uncovered in a story weeks ago that his real last name isCohen. I saw footage of these idiots outside a mosque in NY City with abullhorn on the sidewalk shouting for jihad,hinting at violence, etc. The muslims of that mosque were horrified andcouldnt get rid of them. I wrote to the leader asking whether he knewhe could possibly be arrested, and he wrote back saying "any publicityis good publicity". This was @ 2 or 3 months ago. These fake muslimsgot all over youtube, and I warned my friends about them. I'm writingto MSNBC news to give them the facts.WHY TELL ME WHEN THE LAST PART OF USER NAME IS BLABBATH IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ME TO SPREAD IT AROUND? MORE ABOUT THE SOUTH PARK CONTROVERSY LATER SPORTS FANS.