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February 24, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #23
Introducing: FRANK GORSHIN ANITA GILLETTE JULIE WILSON in the  "limited run" broadway musical  "Jimmy".

8. Let's be Frank, you're Gorshin, right?
-kooldad (way to start the mellowpuma is Frank Gorshin conspiracy theory, high five!)

7. I know Frank Gorshin could do a lot of impersonations, but a skinny black dude 20 years younger?

To suffer through it, one needs Johnnie Walker.

6. The inspiration for this production came from money laundering.

5. I have an Anita and a Julie in my Jimmy's original cast, too.

4. This is the "Original Cast Recording" as opposed to the road show or revival casts which never existed.

3. I prefer Cesar Romero's "Todd" a musical drama that takes a deeper look into what exactly it is Willis is talkin bout.

2. During the finale, he rapes Adam West.

1. Mellowpuma has once again confused FOD with Ebay when trying to sell his prized music collection
-bigjas (till tuesday only, any 2 for $10).