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July 19, 2009


Mellowpuma’s favorite movies


The Station Agent:  The pace of this movie will make your worst day awesome.  Great, likeable characters, best casting ever.  You don’t need to know any more about this movie, just see it.

The Wrong Guy:  Some of the Kid’s in the Hall decide, in predictable fashion, to do something like “A Fish Called Wanda”.  And, the great thing is, they pull it off.  Dave Foley  imbibes every scene with the same uncomfortable awkwardness that lit up the kids.  I love this movie.

Local Hero:  Watching this movie is like taking a vacation.  Watch out for the industrialist’s therapist, my favorite part. 

Wet Hot American Summer:  Did you likes Stella? Did you Like the Baxter, Did you like The State?  Have you ever made fun of the summer camp movies they showed on USA, back when that was a network, and the announcers were either Rhonda Sheer or Gilbert Godfried?  Just watch it.

Cabin Boy:  Chris Elliot from “Get A Life” in uber Ellot mode.  The first twenty minutes are mostly awful, after that, pure gold.  Tim Burton did art direction, his somewhat understudy Denise Di Novi (Heathers) produced.

The Man Who Knew Too Little:  Bill Murray tops off his comedy career with a little seen spy comedy gem.  He plays an everyman - idiot without going over or under board, and generally criticizes the concept of acting itself. 

The Woman Chaser:  You didn’t get enough Puddy in The Tick?  Patrick Warburton in a role so small that he could easily influence his lines.  I laugh until my lungs are about to pop at the implied 60’s misogyny.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mitchell:  “big o'l buttery moon. The sidewalk kinda looks like ice cream if you squint just right.“  I am an enormous MST3K fan from back in the day.

Ruben and Ed:  Ever wonder where that quote “I am the king of the echo people” came from, wonder no more. Probably the most intentionally oddball dialogue centric movie ever.  It was written by movie writers for movie writers.

Plan 11 from Outer Space:  If you know Mormons, or have grown up around them, this movie is like a sweet sweet tonic that will ease all your pains in a way that the heavy handed “Under the Banner of Heaven” didn’t.  Trust me the south park guys saw this before they made their episode.

The Woman Chaser:  You didn’t get enough Puddy in The Tick?  Patrick Warburton in a role so small that he could easily influence his lines.  I laugh until my lungs are about to pop at the implied 60’s misogyny.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mitchell:  “big o'l buttery moon. The sidewalk kinda looks like ice cream if you squint just right.“  I am an enormous MST3K fan from back in the day.

Keeping Mum:  Rowan Atkinson, plays in the background, and the women in the movie provide all the comedy.  Funnier than it looks on the description or movie box.  A serial killers serves a valuable role in fantasy society.  I hate how Hollywood only casts funny women in relationship comedies.  Any suggestions?

The Aristrocrats:  The Onion botches, slices, and dices several  unbelievably great comedy routines to give you an intentionally subversive documentary, which is funny enough to withstand their heavy handed editing.  Very very very very very crude blue comedy. 

Blue Velvet: Best David Lynch movie, and I will accept no argument on this subject.  Twin Peaks was the weak afterbirth of this tragicomedy masterpiece.   A jock trys to start a fight with the main character, and is dissuaded when a naked woman walks out of a house and says “he put his sickness in me”.

Sweet and Lowdown: If you’ve ever studied the lives of musicians, this is so funny.  Mostly unnoticed Woody Allen movie, without himself as the main character.

Paris When It Sizzles:  A non stop barrage of on the wall humor and cool scenery.  One for the hep. cat.  The film has some montages where two characters are writing, and wander in and out of unrelated scenery which kill me.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang:  Warning, this movie tries way, way too hard to be hip.  When It isn’t doing this, it is really funny.  Reading the script might be funnier than watching the movie. 

True Stories:  David Byrne being ultra Byrney.  He informed us about ultra liberal concepts, before it was popular to do so.  What a trooper.

The Last Shot: Alec Baldwin flexing his comedic muscles time ala Leslie Neilson.  The best part, how everybody gets swept up in the moment. Great casting too.

Bubble Boy:  I know it looks bad, but it really isn't.  Great running gags, so-so soundtrack.

Bartleby:  Chrispin Glover doin’ his thing.  I would describe this movie further, but I prefer not to.  Only for hard core Glover fans.

UHF:  I have a weak spot for weird al.  sue me. We were all ten once.

Donnie Darko:  This movie snuck up on me.  I’m not a part of the “What the Bleep Do We Know cult, but this movie isn’t miss-able.  It looked like some kinda teen horror comedy when it first came out, (it was marketed around the time the scream movie came out) but it is much better.  If you wonder why Jake Gyllenhaal   has a career, this is why.

Wild at Heart:  David Lynch tries to make a straight up comedy, but gets sidetracked with an action plot.  It’s like he’s parodying the 80’s tv show Dallas.

HONORABLE MENTION: (this list will be added to, some of these will be upgraded.)
Eraserhead,The Gods Must Be Crazy, A Boy and His Dog, American Psycho,
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kentucky Fried Movie, Dolemite, Harold and Maude
Adaptation, Cry baby, Dead Alive, Repo Man, Killer Clowns From Outer Space, American Movie.


The Jerk:  I could write a friggin' essay

Young Frankenstein: see above.

Duck Soup:  Have you ever listend to a several minute long Groucho monologue after (insert banned substance metaphor)? it almost hurts.  The man was like a sledge hammer of play on word humor.  Harpo as the visual counterpart to groucho's verbal assault, also cannot be denied. 

The Producers:(Zero Mostel, not the recent version)  Zero Mostel kills Gene Wilder in this movie.  How many actors can upstage Gene Wilder?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:  Zero Mostel has no opponents in the casting, he can waltz around without worrying about watching his back.  The Acrobat scene is priceless.

Rushmore:  So many sweet crisp lines of dialogue.  Even though the movie, and later Wes Anderson movies, were supposed to be visually centered, the dialogue takes precedence and keeps it on this one. 

High Anxiety:  Best Mel Brooks movie.  This movie did quite a bit to popularize the whole refrence as humor genre.

Little Shop of Horrors:  The dentist, the chorus, what's not to like?

You Can't Take It With You: (1938).  A family comedy that is really funny (they used to make those). Just give it a try.

Time Bandits:  Terry Gilliam always goes over budget, this movie is probably no exception.  Star Wars quality special effects, and funny.

Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. I watched this directly after the outcome of the 2004 election, it tided me over, and I didn’t move to Canada.

The Princess Bride:  Most great one liners per capita.  Only a psychotic monster wouldn’t think this movie is funny.  If you need to be ironic in the things you respect as funny, I’ll refer you to the title song with lyrics which plays with the credits.  Something I believed that I invented in college (1998) was the Princess Bride drinking game, where you drink every time you hear the words “true love” (can you smell the bitterness?)(In retrospect, I’m pretty sure somebody else beat me to it).  One thing I did invent that I’m sure of, is the “Crippled Masters” Drinking Game.  Every time somebody gets hit with a stump, you take a drink.  It’s true, I once had no remorse.

The Thin Man, After The Thin Man, His Girl Friday:  Groucho esque wit transposed into a sitcom esque context.  Also, some mystery plots, which take a backseat to the dialogue. 

The Apartment:  Lemon and Matthau.

A Fish Called Wanda: Best Monte Python movie.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy:  Be honest, isn't the rewritten version of this movie the reason that we are all on funny or die?  Steve Carell really sold this movie for me.

Bowfinger:  Probably the best 80's comedy of the 90's.  I love this movie.  Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin both skewer their characters without being condesending.  Just a well balanced send up.

Undercover Blues:  Morty.

Team America: World Police:  My guilty pleasure.  I loved the two minute vomiting scene.

The Royal Tennenbaums:  Best deadpan over the top movie ever.  The crazy mask paintings upstage everything.

The Big Lebowski:  I remember a version of the movie where John Goodman's character was, at the end of the movie, revealed to not even be a veitnam veteran.  I have no idea what happened (or if I'm just crazy) but that line of dialogue was one of the funniest built up to deliveries ever.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Best Terry Gilliam movie.  Very accurate and hillarious depiction of the case of Intoxication V. Carpet.

Grosse Pointe Blank:  Just the idea of going to your high school reunion with the ability to kill anyone if you wanted to.

The Love God:  Don Knotts as Hugh Hefner / nervous everyman.  So unbelievably funny.  I don't need to say more.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:  It made me read the books which are awesome.  If you've read the books, Mos Def  plays Ford Prefect in such a pitch perfect way.

HONORABLE MENTION: (this list will be added to, some of these will be upgraded.)
Raising Arizona, This is Spinal Tap, Napoleon Dynamite,The Pink Panther, Clerks
Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail, Mars Attacks, All of Me, Harvey, The Graduate,
Throw Momma from the Train, Kung Fu Hustle, The Pink Panther, Fargo.


Riki-Oh: Story of Ricky:  Even, and especially if, you hate martial arts movies, you need to see this.  If you like Ren&Stimpy style gross out humor, and just thought, what if they could bring this to a B martial arts movie (made before R&S) then this is your movie.  Sicker than you think, and sampled by the Daily Show.

Road House:  If only Mystery Science Theater could’ve gotten their hands on this crap masterpiece back in the day.  I rehearse what they might’ve said.  Honestly I do.  When Dalton first enters the bar, there is a schene which runs through the seven deadly sins so explicitly and obviously, the mellopuma can not but laugh at the overtness of the reference.  Also watch out for the only scene with avaitar sunglasses.

Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy:  If you know who Terry Southern is (wrote the screenplay for Dr. Strangelove, and a New York Literati) this movie will pack an extra punch.  Have you ever wondered why Herb Alpert style music was considered psychedelic in the 60’s?  This is why.

Vanilla Ice, Cool As Ice:  There is a scene directly stolen from top gun.  Need I say more.  Movie plagiarism.  The movie features a scene where he makes fun of the coming wave of alternative music.  Obviously, he was successful.

Liquid Sky:  The movie being parodied by Bowfinger.

Dagon:  Most f’d up movie ever. H P Lovecraft book made into a movie.  Notice how the main character, who is very computer centric, makes only yes or no decisions, and his tirade (either it works or it doesn’t and try something else) near the beginning of the movie informs all his decisions.   Look out for SquidKid.  Seriously, this movie is hard.  Made by the Re-Animator guy.  If you like zombie movies, this might be your thing, if not, avoid.

A Fine Madness:  Sean Connery acts in a movie from the 60’s which defends the concept of  wife beating? What? Yes, Virgina there is a Wife Beating Clause.

Best Regards, mellowpuma