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July 24, 2009


Thank you and welcome to my Deka-Motion Caption Compilation video!!!

Diet Coke + Mentos annotations are updated, fucking hilarious! Thank you!
This one will have a theme for your captions! It took me a while to think of a theme for a kid who goes berserk on his keyboard while playing 'Unreal Tournament' on his computer.
Then it hit me, and it relates to all of us at FoD... Die bombers, FOAD bombers! 
Try to have your captions relating, dealing, handling, releasing rage, and what the fuck you would like to do to die bombers. If you think of a great caption that has nothing to do with the act of die bombing, that's fine I will still annotate it!!! So send me your intervallic captions and I will try to annotate them by Sunday night!

10 Angry German Kid FoD Annotations!