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July 21, 2017

A first look at the next ten web-slingers!

Comic-Con is known for big comic book movie announcements, and once again, they did not disappoint. In a surprise move, they revealed the next 10 actors who will play Spider-Man. Here is an exclusive look at the next ten web-slingers:

Nat Wolff (Spider-Man: Confrontation, 2019)

Nat Wolff headshot.jpg

Based on the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland is set to return in the 2019 sequel, but just to be safe, he will be replaced 50-60 minutes into the action.

Freddie Highmore (Spider-Man: Coming of Age, 2020)

Freddie Highmore headshot.jpg

Asked what new dimensions he’ll bring to the role of Peter Parker, Highmore simply said, “Look at me. Isn’t it obvious?”

Asa Butterfield (Spider-Man: Resolution, 2021)

Asa Butterfield headshot.jpg

“I’m the sixth Spider-Man. Spider-Men have six legs. It’s a sign,” Butterfield told the Comic-Con audience before admitting he has never been big into comics or spiders.

Ansel Elgort (Spider-Man: Restoration, 2021)

Ansel Elgort headshot.jpg

This Spider-Man opens a week after the previous one.

Liam Hemsworth (Spider-Man: The Webs We Weave, 2022)

Liam Hemsworth headshot.jpg

One Spider-Man movie was a stipulation of the Hemsworth Accord signed by the US and Australia.

RJ Cyler (The Spider-Man, 2024)

RJ Cyler headshot.jpg

It may be no coincidence Cyler’s Spidey will come out the same year as Donald Trump’s controversial campaign for a third term.

Jacob Tremblay (Spider-Man: The Beginning, 2026)

Jacob Tremblay headshot.jpg

A gritty reboot focused on the relationship between Parker and Uncle Ben (Zac Efron).

Rebel Wilson (Spider-Man, 2027)

Rebel Wilson.jpg

Tagline: “And you thought Ghostbusters ruffled feathers…”

James Ayoub (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, 2028)

James Ayoub.jpg

The breakout infant star of The Fate of the Furious will have to work around his shooting schedule for Fast and Twentious.

Tobey Maguire Jr. (Spider-Man: A New Web, 2029)

Tobey Maguire Jr.jpg

Talk about a family business.