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November 11, 2011

A few non-facts about Leonardo DiCaprio, star of TITANIC and J. EDGAR.


Leonardo DiCaprio drinks water with ice and a single drop of pomegranate juice.

DiCaprio composes complex musical pieces that can only be played on the Theremin.

He often cheats at poker and frequently announces before starting a game, “I’m going to cheat and you can’t get mad.” Nonetheless, he still mostly loses.

He becomes angry and sometimes violent when referred to as “Clyde.”

The actor collects toasters from around the world. He is particularly fond of those that toast an uneven number of slices at a time.

Leonardo DiCaprio has said that he plans to retire from acting at age 40 and to then pursue a career in Astrobotany, a scientific field that currently does not exist.

He occasionally directs films using the name “Paul Thomas Anderson.”

DiCaprio named his testicles “Chico” and “The Man,” but refuses to reveal which is which.

Due to a rare inherited glandular condition, DiCapro’s shit does not, in fact, stink. Rather, it is said to smell vaguely like fresh grapes.

The actor once prevented a bloody turf war between the Crips and the Bloods in L.A. by settling their dispute via a juggling contest with himself as judge.

No FIFA matches can take place in Iceland without his written approval.

He has a patent pending for a device known as the “pastry grenade.”

Along with his friends Toby McGuire and Seth Green, DiCaprio describes himself as a “ladies’ elbow fancier.”

Leonardo DiCaprio once hired two former Israeli paratroopers to break both of comedian Rip Taylor’s legs. His reasons are unknown.