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October 26, 2011

Oscar Committee member comes out today that James Franco's Oscar nomination for best actor in the film 127 hours might be invalid.

Steven Hornsby, a long time OSCAR committee voter, is still shocked over James Franco’s nomination for best lead role in 127 hours. Mr. Hornsby has been voicing his complaint for several weeks now to an otherwise disinterested committee body “Don’t get me wrong, I think [Mr.] Franco is a terrific and talented actor, maybe one of the best of his generation. And I’m not even saying he shouldn’t get nominated, but as a LEAD?! We all know that rock was the real star of that movie.” Mr. Hornsby later went on to describe the boulder’s steadfast qualities, and how his character’s stubbornness to move added the only real tension to an otherwise slow movie. “Let’s face it, that could have been anybody trapped under that rock”, Hornsby added. Needless to say, it is too late now to change the nominations but Mr. Hornsby continues to campaign for a de-valuing of [Mr.] Franco’s nomination to ‘Actor in a Supporting Role’. “The same sort of trash happened when Cast Away was nominated, Wilson got totally screwed.”

The Boulder was not available for comment.