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January 28, 2008


The FOD Team got together over the weekend on Adam’s yacht and of course it was nothing short of a booze cruise. The yacht has THREE different hot tubs and Adam kept making Goldilocks and the three bears references. After a pitcher of Jake’s special mojitos, I went with it and got in a hot tub that wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold, but was “just right”. Or so I thought. Turns out most of FOD don’t like to wear bathing suits so nothing was right at all. Except for Will, who wears a full wet suit. He is surprisingly modest. Bryan didn’t bare it all either, but insisted we call his trunks, “jammers”, which was beyond annoying. That’s Bryan though, right?

The only other thing I can remember is Amy riding a floating keg in the hot tub that was “too cold”. She kept yelling, "eight seconds and a dream!" I’m gonna have to start drinking during the week again so I can hang with these people. Speaking of being drunk, check out Drunk History featuring Jack Black. It’s amazing.

Also, a big thank you to Jerry O’Connell, Jerry Minor, and Ryan Case for their Tom Cruise parody video. It’s doing gangbusters! Now, they’ve given us the outtakes too. Finally, I’m getting all the O’Connell that I’ve been asking for!

The WGA strike continues and so do the funny videos. Here’s hoping the strike part of that ends soon - watch the Negotiating Table – Thanks to Nick Kroll, Seth McFarlane, Brendan, Kat and Bryan for that great piece.

-- Lauren