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June 12, 2017

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Seinfeld is regarded as one of the greatest programs in television history, but some of its most famous plots are a little dated. Here are 12 episodes completely ruined by modern technology:

The Stakeout

1 - Seinfeld-The-Stake-Out.jpg

Jerry has a meet-cute in the grocery store, and stakes out her workplace, but today he’d just hop on Tinder and hope for the best!

The Pilot

2 - The Pilot.jpg

Jerry and George make a sitcom with NBC? Lolz, they’d make a web series on iPhones that no one would watch, puh-lease!

The Mango

3 - Seinfeld Facebook Mulva Post.jpg

Jerry calls some ex girlfriends about whether or not they were “satisfied”, but he wouldn’t need to call them because people post that info on their Facebooks now, right?

The Puffy Shirt

4 - Puffy Shirt.jpg

Jerry has to dress like a pirate because of the low talker? No way! Who talks to people now?! It’s 2017, learn to text, jeez

The Marine Biologist

5 - Linked In.jpg

George lies to a date about being a marine biologist, but like, one look at his LinkedIn and she’d find out!

The Pie

6 - The Pie.jpg

Jerry won’t have dessert because Poppy didn’t wash his hands, but in 2017 he’d just post a bad review on Yelp, tweet about \#SloppyPoppy and call it a day. Also, he’d just ditch the date because he’s got 4 or 5 other Tinder dates already scheduled for that night.

The Fusilli Jerry

7 - Fidget Spinner.png

Getting pasta stuck in your rear wouldn’t even qualify as weird anymore, there’s people puttin fidget spinners up there… What’s the deal with that?!

The Soup Nazi

8 - Seamless.jpg

Two words: Seamless, bruh

The Pool Guy

9 - Phone in Water.jpg

No one swims anymore, it’ll ruin your phone!

The Calzone

8 - Seamless.jpg

…again, seamless bruh

The Summer Of George

11 - Spam Post.jpeg

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The Pilot

12 - Pilot Engaged.jpg

Jerry can’t tell if this is a date or not, and when the woman stays over at his apartment he is unsure if it’s as friends or maybe more… yea this one holds up, this miscommunication will outlast all technology until we can read minds… unless he just asks if she wants to Netflix and chill.

Well, there you have it, technology changes from decade to decade and it ruins all of the things we used to love. Wasn’t that a fun and pointless exercise?