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June 23, 2010


It seems that Bill Zucker just can't keep a low profile these days. The infamous 'Wild Billy Z' was spotted shopping in a Home Depot store with his new blonde lady friend and the lovebirds just couldn’t keep their hands off each other .

A mere few days ago, we broke the story of serial "tweet-meister'" Zucker leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in the early hours with a giant 'Cheshire-Cat' grin on his face - but this particular cat 'keeps on getting the cream...'

However his current partner, uber-sexy and intelligent actress Lydia Cornell, famous for her 'Come get me boys' eyes, was reported to be in shock after seeing the candid pictures and has taken a few days off from filming her latest movie.
We can only imagine, just how betrayed she must be feeling and wonder how Zucker is going to explain this latest sighting to her. Also, just how is he going to get her to put his boxers on her head now - with the London Fashion Week just around the corner?

The mystery lady (who we still can't legally name), had the audacity to smile and wave to our cameraman. But Zucker didn't look as pleased. A few minutes later, one of his security people 'Chester Periwinkle' came over and got into an altercation with our camera guy who wouldn’t give him the pictures. Our brave cameraman was slightly shaken but not stirred.

Somehow Zucker, always seems to attract extremely beautiful women with his quick wit and charm. One such lady from a few years ago, actress Heather Locklear was once reported to have said 'Zucker was the only man whose boxers she would ever wear on her head.' 
Even Denise Richards once commented that 'She had such a crush on Bill Zucker. That she oozed with delight every time she heard him sing with his deep macho voice.' When Zucker turned down her advances, she began to write him several letters a day, sent him numerous text messages, and followed his every movement. After months of getting nowhere (and scaring Zucker to death in the process) she decided to settle for Charlie Sheen - but is often seen wearing her "Damn You Zucker" t-shirt - maybe its how she still feels.

Yes, Zucker is a really funny guy, but we also know that there is a serious side to him too. He is also considered a very ruthless business man who just keeps bouncing back - when his opponents think he is down - like a 'Yoyo'. Fellow entrepreneur and TV sweetheart Donald Trump knows just how vigorous Zucker can be in business.

Zucker had out-manoeuvred Trump by acquiring a controlling stake in a Cuban Toilet Paper plant known by locals there as 'Toilet Paper Tower'. Trump had secretly  planned to buy the shareholding for himself, but lost to Zucker at the last minute when he couldn’t get a flight out in time – peculiarly he was due to fly on a Zucker-owned airline.
The law of economics is about 'supply and demand' and both Zucker and Trump have been buying up large quantities of Toilet paper on the open market so that they can control the supply of it - making a huge fortune when they sell it to 'desperate' buyers. Toilet paper now seems to be the new real estate.

Zucker is currently starring with Kelsey Grammer, who shot to fame when he appeared in 70's show M*A*S*H, in the 'Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker Comedy Hour' and the show has a growing fan base across the world.

Donald Trump was once again unavailable for comment as he was still in 'hair and make-up' for a filming of “The Apprentice”. Broadway's darling and born-again thespian, Kelsey Grammer, was refusing to come down from the stage where he is appearing in La Cage Aux Folles and none of the women we have mentioned were prepared to publicly acknowledge that they even know who Zucker is.

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