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March 14, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest  #30

Introducing: Colonel Sanders' Tijuana Picnic
11. KFC is the proud sponsor of the TJ Cock Fights.

10. Every now and then the Colonel likes to eat "south of the border" if you know what I mean.
The ol' hole in the bottom of the bucket trick works just as well with chicken as it does with popcorn

9. "Hey kids, stay here with Col. Sanders, your Mom and I are going to go for.. another walk..."

8. Colonel, I know it's finger licking good but lick your own and that's not my finger

7. "Hmmm...I wonder where I can find a recording of explosive diarreah?"

6. It's all fun and games until the fire ants show up.

5. Crispy is nice, but I prefer Original Recipe Donkey Shows.

4. i'm gunna kill your kids, choke you with a chicken bone, fuck your wife with my cane,and get away with it because we 're in tijuana

3.5. ahem...them ain't 'grease stains' on mah trousahs...
3. OMG! This is the PERFECT album to sell Weyerhauser Wood Paneling to beaners!!!

2.5. Stand by for knife-play.: The Thermos® is filled with Mescaline.
2. The eleventh spice is Spanish Fly.

1.5. this racist southern cliché sprawled next to our food is ruining my appetite, dear
1.25. "Eat up, kids. Drug mulin' takes a lot of energy."
1. "Ummm....'Colonel'...we came all the way to Tijuana to eat fried chicken in a fuckin' bucket? What unit did you say you were with again?"