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February 26, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #24

Introducing: GILBERTO MUNROIG's  album "EGOISMO"

Monroig!  Brillainte!  Egoismo has inspired me … to comment on comments! Such is Egoismo!

14. I am not saying his egois big but it's all mo mo mo sorry me me me
-bigjas (what does that even mean! I'm confused and angry at the same time, good job, high five)

13. Egotism -- usually just a case of mistaken nonentity."
~Barbara Stanwyck
-csymonz (does Barbara Stanwyck have any lucky lotto numbers of the week!)

12. They say everyone has a double somewhere in the world. David Arquette meet Gilberto Monroig. Sorry Dude.
-MadAdam (follow the clues, and find the true nature of christ)

11. Good, good now show me single handjob. Whatta ya mean no? Don't question my artistic direction, motherfucker!, I'll tell everyone your real name's Marty Baumann, then whatta ya got? Nothing! Now show me single handjob! Good.......good....
-MadAdam (we're all living in the shadow of double handjob)

11. Gilberto was furious at being mislabeled 'those were different times contest 24' when he was quite obviously '25' as '11' had been used twice.
-bigjas (dammit! you're right! I'll send him a letter!)

10. GILBERTO MONROIG: International Waffle Thief
-csymonz (the IHOP has his picture ... on the menu!)

9. He's half German and half Italian and all wrong.
-drwho (From the brow area, I'd say half Polish)

8. Ma penis, it was a this big before I studied Egoismo, now it'sa bout a twice that size, at leasta'!
-MadAdam (das a spicy genital captione!)

7. The name is Gilberto but you can call me Gilberto.
-Gerhardguffaw (only because you are my landlord)

6. Usually when the EgoIsMo the PenisIsLess
-missalicia (Ayn Rand spins in her grave)

5. Frankly my dear, Gilberto Monroig does not gave a damn.
-JBnthe217 (he cares only for himself, the ocean, smoking and skinny ties)

4. What can be said about Gilberto Monroig that hasn't already been said?
-keibar (such is the life of Monroig!)

3. Welcome to Fantasy Island!
-jimbobalouie (prepare your swimsuit area for stimulation)

2. "I've trained my mind to ignore the pain of this lit cigarette, now watch as I stick my manhood into this jagged conch."
-missalicia (I can add nothing to this)

1. "My name is Gilberto Monroig, you killed my cigarette; prepare to die"
-Rhiann0n (you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?)