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October 10, 2014

10 Awesome 'Yo Mama' Jokes

Yo mama is so ugly, her portraits hang themselves.

Yo mama is so fat she put on Guess jeans and the answer popped out.

Yo momma’s so fat her memory foam forgot.

yo mama so fat, when she goes camping the bears have to hide THEIR food

Yo momma is so dumb she got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job

Your momma is so fat that, when she fell in love, she broke it.

Your momma is so stupid that, when she heard it was chilly outside, she went to grab a bowl.

Your momma is so stupid: she stared at a carton of juice because it said “Concentrate.”

Your momma is so old that she knew Burger King when he was a prince.

Yo mama so fat she went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken, and when they asked her what size and she said the one on the roof