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November 05, 2008


I'm finding difficulty finding something else to make fun of. McCain is done, Palin has returned to Alaska in time to catch the last quarter of the Iditarod, and there is a news network loop running since yesterday at 9:00 ( I swear they taped two hours of footage and went to the Bahamas.) So whats funny now?  I saw a UFO today, turns out its wasnt U at all, it was just a FO and I was the only person feeling stupid. Or even stopped, or even taking pictures. Balloons should be required by law to have an on board siren saying don't panic, just a balloon stupid. Oh well what are you going to do? I don't mind doing stupid stuff because the stupid stuff I do is of the harmless nature. In the descriptive nature of the Human being I much rather be naturalized with stupid than say, Deadly, or Dangerous, or leathal, or malicious, or mean, or bad, or nasty,or cold. So stupid isn't really bad if you look at it simple like. Stupid as an insult only sheers its pain into your heart if the person using it to define you, defines it perfectly him or herself in your own mind, there is nothing more painfull than being called stupid by an Idiot. The other sheering pain is when someone you respect and admire calls you stupid, then you feel stupid, often times not knowing why, trust me its because you were stupid to waist such affection on someone that obviously fell short of the honor. I called someone-freind once in a conversation explaining like-look friend, and He abruptly stopped me and said "Freind? I don't even like you." I responded with:" Thats good I'd hate to know someone like you was walking around the earth telling people you like me." they might start thinking I was a sucker or something. Anyway, I always do something like that to prove my not so stupid self, then I see a UFO, thats not a U at all just a FO..my bad.