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Published September 27, 2012


Facebook's stock suffered another big drop this week. How is the way we use Facebook affecting its value to Wall Street?

10. Republican vs. Democrat debate finally settled once and for all.

9. Long ago confirmed the most attractive girls in high school have since gained weight and gotten wrinkles.

8. Realization if the prettiest girls in high school are now overweight and wrinkled, what do we look like?

7. Discovered that the photo of cake we commented on today is the same photo of cake we commented on in 2008.

6. Have accepted we’ll never be a top scorer in Farmville.

5. Everyone “likes” Jif peanut butter; doesn’t feel special anymore.

4. Original thinking ceased in 2010. All communication now done through Some E-cards graphics.

3. Friends’ kids have said and done so many cute things, we just can’t keep up.

2. Depressing to find out everyone you went to high school with is more successful than you. And I mean EVERYBODY!

1. Finally remembered why we stopped talking to these assholes in the first place.