This is the tale of Darrel the legendary glade ferry driver.

There is a place in this world where people must take an on demand ferry service accross a small river. This place is called Glade British Columbia (look it the fuck up). It is a small ten person car ferry boat that is operated by one person and goes back and forth for 22 hours per day. The river is apoximatly not very big. Now let my Give you the low down. There is currently 6 drivers that alternate and take 8 hour shifts. Dont ask me how that works out (it just fucking does). Now the average driver takes like 15 minutes to go across the river and back. Which is god dam slow if you ask Justin. There is one Man how ever that does not follow the designated ferry speed limit, that man is Derrel. Hes a fucking god dam Demi- God of ferry drivers. That mother can cross the river there and back in a astonishing 7.5 min. (WOW). Any way he also smokes alot of weed so thats pretty cool. And he was born in Glade (bonus points in my Books). His mustache makes bert renalds look like a pussy, and he has a really nice truck. 

So next time you see water, or a ferry boat, or here the name Derrel, Think of Derrel the Legendary ferry driver of Glade.


The people and places involved in this article are pretty legit. so SHIT YEAH !