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December 01, 2012

It's time to stop stereotyping and encourage each other to have as many strange and random sexual encounters as possible.

All too often, we hear about someone taking a ‘walk of shame’ following an evening of careless sexual activity, but is this really fair? The last thing anyone should feel after a sexual conquest is shame.

What’s so wrong about two practical strangers coming together for a night of passionate lust? Those of us who have an open mind can take great pleasure in this type of sexual interaction, but we seem to be in the minority.

Society and popular media has taught us that we should feel ashamed the morning following a night of extreme sex with someone whom we’re not in a relationship with, but why? It’s in our DNA to mate with each other, and it can be unhealthy not to give in to your sexual urges. Shouldn’t we be encouraging each other to take on as many sexual partners as possible?

On your walk home the morning after a night of hardcore sex with a special friend, you should feel a sense of pride. Don’t allow sexually immature people to make you believe you should feel guilty or ashamed simply because you rewarded yourself by achieving a high level of arousal.

But what if you were involved in a sexual encounter with a less than desirable individual? Instead of second guessing your decision, take pride in knowing you helped someone realize a sexual fantasy.

It’s time to do away with ‘the walk of shame’, and time to introduce ‘the walk of pride’.