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June 22, 2015

Pete Hegseth chucks an axe towards a target, completely misses it, and almost kills someone. Somehow, this makes for the best 'Fox and Friends' segment of all time.

May we all be as lucky as this innocent drumming bystander who was not decapitated by an axe hurled at him by Pete Hegseth, an anchor on the terrible show Fox and Friends. Oh wait, we are, because there is video of said incident in which Hegseth “went rogue,” as the victim describes it. I mean, thank goodness that no one was seriously hurt because the insanity of this video brings back all the joy Fox and Friends has sucked from us over the years.

In fact, this video is the absolute perfect metaphor for everything Fox stands for. A man is presumably aiming for a target, wildly misses it, and ends up attacking an innocent bystander. Yep, that’s it. We’re all set, folks. Now check out this video but make sure you’re in a place you can yell loudly in astonishment.