The film MONEYBALL follows Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's attempt to employ sabermetrics and computer-generated statistical analysis to effectively draft more affordable players.

Hell yeah!! Finally a movie about statistical analysis!!  And MONEYBALL has it all: on-base percentage, empirical evidence, the Oakland A's.  Talk about your four quadrant crowd pleaser.  This is what puts butts in the seats.  

Okay, maybe it's Brad Pitt. Or a screenplay by the guy who figured out how to make Facebook into a movie. But also, statistics!!  

Of course, now Hollywood will be racing to develop more projects just like it. Here are 8 exciting sports movies that have the potential to be the next MONEYBALL:

An intense thriller that follows NHL star defenseman Shea Weber as he battles the Nashville Predators in a laborious 24 hour salary arbitration hearing.  Matt Damon attached as the neutral third party mediator.

The true story of the 1997 Little League World Series that was rocked by a notorious scandal surrounding the illicit use of Big League Chew.

An inspirational story about a small, family-owned organic sausage company's unlikely (and ultimately very unsuccessful) concessions stand battle with wiener giant Farmer John.  RUDY but with hot dogs.

A biopic of middleweight boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard focusing on his post-retirement meteoric rise from 7Up commercials to "Tales From The Crypt" appearances to hosting NBC's "The Contender," leading up to his valiant effort on Season 12 of "Dancing With The Stars."  Original score by Mark McGrath.

After nearly defeating Maria Sharapova in the U.S. Open, British tennis star Heather Watson is forced to undergo mild rehabilitation when she is stricken with a nagging case of tennis elbow.


When his star player is put on academic probation weeks before the NCAA Tournament, an inspirational college basketball coach sets out to tutor him in macroeconomics and the principals of financial accounting.

The story of how Katsuo Miyamoto briefly won the hearts and minds of hundreds while competing in the World Championships of Origami.  James Franco attached as Katsuo Miyamoto.

During the 1954 U.S. Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, golf legends Ben Hogan and Sam Snead square off in an account of one of the great ... oh Jesus, who the hell cares?  It's golf. 

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