This week on SNL, we had a mid-McConnaisance McConaughey host, and aside from a weird rambling monologue (which, in hindsight, was a given), he was very much DTC (Down To Clown!). As a bonus, this week’s social and political commentary was the most scathing it’s been all season, and it’s coming at a very necessary time indeed. Oh and as another bonus, Adele performed, wearing the coolest goth/western fringed suede zip-up long dress, to which I offer a resounding Yas Kween! OH OH OH! And as a third bonus, director JJ Abrams presented some never-before-seen screen tests from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ANNNND as two sub-bonuses within the third bonus, a special cameo from Jon Hamm and a brilliant audition by Danny Devito. OK, that’s all for the bonuses. On to the show.

“Well I‘m just trying to get to know Jamal!”

Aidy Bryant was certainly the MVP of this episode, with her delightful character work as different versions of the same ignorant person who insists that their input is valuable. “I actually saw an ISIS in the A&P today while I was picking up the yams!” she declares in the Thanksgiving Family Dinner filmed piece, where everyone’s only common ground is Adele’s “Hello.“ It was, on the surface, a lighthearted sketch, and yet it also managed to shed light on the effects of recent right-wing fearmongering.

“If you have one of these, you’ve got to chime in.”

On the game show “Should You Chime In On This?,“ Bryant, McConaughey, and Beck Bennet call out pathological opinion-expressers who, when presented with a hot button issue that they know nothing about, are psychically unable to hold their tongue. Bryant embodies the deranged character Bonnie, a former volunteer at a quilt shop who “stopped after they said it wasn’t helpful to have me there!” She doesn’t watch the news, has never traveled, and is barely literate — but she knows one thing, and that’s how to stop ISIS! McConaughey plays Nedford who, for fun, likes to travel town to town to vote “NO” on school budgets. You do not want to miss the reveal of his “secret weapon,” which gives him the confidence to keep chiming in on Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement.


We’re finally reached the point in the season where commenting on Weekend Update improvements is no longer necessary. I now come to expect a fun Che/Jost rapport, some Cool Guy Che negging very Uncool Guy Jost, and a few solidly funny “guests.” Big Papi, aka David Ortiz, the Red Sox player who just announced his retirement IRL, was Kenan Thompson’s pièce de résistance this episode and will certainly have you craving Dominican food.

You’re making a sunglasses guy like me laugh hard from my face!

And finally, maybe the most purely silly and fun sketch of the night was “3D Printer Man.” McConaughey is at his best here, as one of three white men fielding questions from an audience of people who are supposed to guess which one of them is actually the world’s first 3D-printed human. Don’t know about you guys, but “Who me? As for me…,” is a line I will be quoting often 4 sure!