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March 10, 2010


Well, tomorrow's last midterm exam day. Yay, finally! ...Or not. Physics and History. Two very, very hard subjects--at least for me--and I haven't even opened a single page on the books yet--if I can even find the book, it's gotta be somewhere in my room, though, right? I really don't feel like studying right now. I guess, I never did. I'm fucking lazy. If you know me, you should know that. Well, you would know that. Wait, you do know that. Hold on, who are you?

Mr. Physics Fucking Teacher--not his real name--actually had some kind of a session to reteach a whole semester worth of materials in one session, aka 2 hours-ish, earlier today. I suppose it was to help us do better on the exam tomorrow. That didn't entice me. Still doesn't. One, I'm fucking lazy. But everyone already knows that. And since it wasn't mandatory, I bailed. Two, I don't get whatever he's teaching. Physics is like another different language for me. I thought I would study on my own. I could... Yeah, I'm SO going to tank this test.

Anyways, instead of doing...that. I'm rerunning Grey's Anatomy. Best show EVER! I'm never going to be tired of watching this show. Or any show, for that matter. That's how committed I am for not studying fucking physics.