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Published May 18, 2008
Mon: Fried kangaroo pouch with pesto sauce. Tue: Caramel-flavored ostrich neck covered in garlic oil and lima bean skins shaped liked Washington crossing the Delaware. Wen: (since the “D” in Wednesday is silent I’ve begun a crusade to change the spelling to Wensday.) Baked bananas stuffed with anchovies and tomato-flavored pigeon soup. Thu: Fried dwarf ears smothered in honey-glazed mushrooms and cherry-flavored chicken gizzards topped with cauliflower and peanut butter marinade, and broiled caterpillar thighs flambe'd with California barking spider DNA. Fri: Chinchilla ankles.  Sat: Steak flavored meat product with lemony soy beans and curdled goose droppings. Sun: Candy-coated elf toes and cream of kiwi soup.