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February 20, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #21
Introducing The White Family and their LP: "THE END OF TIME IS NEAR"

!. Word of the day: “Pusillanimous”  (thanks trident)
15.  Pew.....this album stinks!
14. The ninth generation of the White family that based its livelihood on the "end of time" message.
13. So come on down to O'Brien Auto Park, now offering 1.9% APR financing with approved credit on a new Buick Lesabre.The end of time is near, time to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!
12.Now known as The End of Time Warners ...
11. The end of time is near? How near is it?
It's so near, when I asked my doctor how long I had to live he said 10.
I said 10 what?
He said 9....8....7.... ba dum DUM!
10. Creepy white people who think the end of the world is near--times may not be that different.
9. Followed up in 1975 with "I Can Feel It, Any Time Now" and again in 1981 "Seriously, Repent Because It's Coming" and again in 1989 "See? That Earthquake Was a Warning" then again in 1996 "Sorry, We Misinterpreted That One But We're Pretty Sure It's Right Around the Corner" and finally 2009's "Fuck It... Just Fuck It"
8. ...so ravish us now, it's God's last call and we are here to "save" you.
7. follow-up "Please White Family Don't Hurt 'Em" was not even noticed by Billboard.
6. Track 2: "Desegregate This Muthafucka!" (first rap/rock song in history)
5. Erbediah (far right) was severely beaten behind the Piggly Wiggly for not disclosing the exact time that time would end.
4. If this gang is any part of eternity, give me oblivion.
3. The rhythm section will not be Raptured. They masturbate.
2. the chest they are gathered around is filled with Poop.

1. Call to the Whites: "So if time ends, how will I know when Gunsmoke's on?"