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August 20, 2008


I know there's always gonna be haters, but damn on Funny or Die I mean so far we always came across nice and good people but now we are getting haters saying some dumb stuff on our videos

(SNLFnatic) said our acting is awful. Which he need to shut the fuck up it's not a TV show or a Movie and he ain't no damn comedy Sketch judge.

Some little 16 year old boy named cumshooter35 on the Cadillac Krok Hood Adventure video just said (Die).......... And the funny part about it is that they hating but they don't have any videos on they're own damn that's some lame shit. Oh and it's not like we're the only one being hated on Funny or Die they are others we read they're blogs.

It's just we're writing this because now we got haters on our videos saying shit and we thought about maken a blog about it and we send some messages to the hater they just can't say what ever they want and not appect us not to say anything.

And for those who are haters hating on other people videos. If you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all cause some people didn't have to put up videos and go though some hard work to make others laugh and enjoy videos why you gonna try bring somebody down and yall don't have any video of yall own, that just dumb and don't make no damn sense.

I love and repect what everybody has done for they're videos and blogs and we never hat on anybody cause we was rised and brought up better then that unlike some people.

~Eddy G & Wolf~