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April 29, 2010


Have you responded to people inappropriately?  I mean "funny" inappropriate.  Everyday we usually just respond the same answers to people . . . without thinking.  We usually have a script in our head to certain questions like:

How are you?  I would respond: "I'm well, thank you. How about you?  Or when someone tells me to have a good day . . . "You too!" would be my come back.

These are scripted responses that are all good.  It's automatic ~ one doesn't have to think about it until . . .

One departs the text . . .

I was buying a Coke and a crossword puzzle at an airport concession stand.  Oh my golly, young cute boy manning the store!!!  Of course I had to strike a pose and make conversations.  After 10 minutes of fun non-sense convo, it's time for me to pay and leave.  As he hands me my card and receipt he said: "Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation."  And I had to reply: "YOU TOO!"

What a dork!!!  I had to scurry away like a squirrel.

Sometimes, you get thrown into a situation and be caught off guard by the comment or a response made.  Regardless whether it's you or the other person.  It happens to the best of us . . .

Just like the other day at work.  I was heading to the bathroom ~ if you have to go, you have to go!  I was reaching for the doorknob to the unisex restroom when the COO of the company appeared from nowhere and said to me (I was the only one around): "Have a good one!"

Wh-what?!!!  How do you respond to that?  And there I was trying to relieve my bladder ~ still puzzled.  Is he a telepath and knows what I was going to do?  Nonetheless, I'm still thinking about what's a good retort to the comment while writing this blog.

Anyway,  I am sure there are conversations in your head right now that is in a loop . . . you're thinking of how you should have handled the conversation better ~ Sometimes telling somebody would make the voices go away . . .