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November 22, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING!), that I love more than a colourful FUCK YOU!  And that is EXACTLY what MR. (when you're THIS BIG, they call you MISTER)  Lambert delivered at the AMAs last night. :)  It was AWESOME!  There was a great article by Joe Vogel in the Huffington Post, an open letter to Mr Lambert addressing the "controversy" of him not effectively proving his ""gayness" to the "gay community" (the gay community, of course, being defined as a monolithic entity of one heart and mind)"...."suggestions of how to celebrate, not dilute, the purity of your sexual identity"...Joe Vogel was writing a very tongue and cheek response to some other nonsense which I hadn't read, where it had been implied that Adam Lambert was somehow disservicing the "gay communtiy" by not being committed enough to it's specific virtues...which is bullshit and Vogel illustrated it's absurdity with a well delivered, sarcastic rape.  I highly recommend to all that they read the article because it is awesome and then watch Adam Lambert's AMA performance and understand how fucking FUNNY and how fucking APPROPRIATE it was...I have found my new religion! Adam Lambert is my American Idol!