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August 18, 2015

He doesn't die in every episode, but when he does it's rarely quietly in his sleep.

In the town of South Park, violently killing young Kenny McCormick was once a tradition as grand as any there ever was, that is until creators Trey Park and Matt Stone eventually grew tired of the gimmick and decided to spend their Kenny-based brainstorming time becoming Broadway billionaires instead.

Through the show’s first 16 seasons, Kenny was brought down a whopping 90 times. That’s a lot of death for anyone, much less a young cartoon child. But now I’ll bet you’re all thinking, “Gosh, I ain’t got me no time to watch every dang episode of South Park all overs again. I sure do wish there was an easy to see all the ways young Kenneth done did die.” Well, fictional character, consider your prayers answered.

A fan of the show has put together a wonderful design, non-sequential list of each and every way Kenny was killed in the show’s first 225 episodes. It’s a fun read for fans of South Park, lists, and, of course, gruesome murder.

All The Ways Kenny Died.jpg

via Reddit, H/T Uproxx