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November 17, 2015

Dick pics would be 100% more accepted if they were used to create beautiful art like this.


Ceci n'est pas une Donald Trump. Ce ne est pas une photo de Donald Trump.

For those less cultured than the Google translator used to write the above sentences, this roughly translates to: This is not Donald Trump. This is not a photo of Donald Trump.

What you are looking at is 500+ dick pics compiled to look like presidential hopeful and giant dick, Donald Trump. An anonymous Tumblr account first posted the politically penile portrait and has made history as the most beloved dick pic of all time.

An art genre that usually isn’t celebrated, this mosaic might be the best example of self actualization ever. For those guilty of taking dick pics and sending them out, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to make your future pants portraits more…artful.

Perhaps we’d all give the creeps of the world a break if their dick pics were made in the name of art and political satire. Imagine a penis pointillism movement that will one day be taught in all Art History 101 classes. It’s a standard they should all aspire to.