Peyton_Manning.jpgAt a press conference in Denver this week, Peyton Manning displayed his disappointment at not being considered for last year's NFL MVP, even though he was injured for the entire year. 

Perhaps feeling the effects of the thin Denver air, Manning stated, "My injury proves that I'm worth more wins in a season than anybody else.  You think New England would drop eight wins if Brady got bent?  You think Aaron Rodgers is worth half a season?  My team went down like a sac of Hot Pockets." 

When asked about his "UnPeytonlike" surly disposition, Manning responded, "It's just that Elway's all up in my face all the time since I got here.  He keeps lifting up his shirt and telling me to punch him in the stomach... and he just randomly yells 'hut' all the time and starts throwing stuff at me." 

Peyton was then asked how he feels about his doofy little brother having more Super Bowl wins than he does, responding, "It's really annoying when he puts one on each middle finger and tweets me a picture of it.  Next time I see him, I'm definitely gonna beat him up and take one."