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March 27, 2017

This Mother's Day give Mom a MemoryTag video card she will love.

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 14 and MemoryTag has the widest selection of greeting cards to let Mom know how much you appreciate her, and believe you me these are not boring traditional old-fashioned cards,but funny, irreverent, ironic, and sardonic sayings—-with video capability.

What and who is mother?

She’s the woman who bore you and brought you into the world with its joys and heartaches, fed and clothed you and introduced you to guilt. She’s the one who screamed at you when she found a dead rat you had brought home under your bed and reassured you and sent you off to school with a kiss, and tried to stifle your burgeoning sexuality (pounding on the door when you locked yourself in the bathroom to enjoy self-sexual pleasure), so you wouldn’t grow up.

All because she loved you so much.

Obviously a mother is many things.

Mother’s Day is a time to honor Mom. But do you want to go the same route again this year and go to the grocery store in the card section next to where they sell the toilet paper and pay $7 for a boring traditional (non-MemoryTag) card that reads, “Happy Mother’s Day?”

Let’s assume this overpriced piece of cardboard has a saying inside, something like, “Mothers like you come along only once.”

I think I’m gonna faint from excitement. Some moron wrote that.

That kind of card is so emotionless, it lacks imagination. You might as well save the $7 and write on a scrap of paper and hand her a note that reads, “So you went to a hospital and had me brought out from inside you…thanks.”

It’s clinical, devoid of feeling, even somewhat hostile.

No you don’t want that, that’s stupid.

Instead how about a MemoryTag card that apologizes for all the pain you have caused her, like “I might have been a pain in the ass growing up, thanks for not killing me.” There is nothing so wonderful as credit and recognition for all the hard work that being Mom was and still is. She will love this.

Or how about our card that says, “Thank God I got my looks from you.” For Mother’s Day flattery will get you everywhere.

MemoryTag cards are imaginative and say things no other card says. Plus you add your own greeting by video-recording yourself on your smartphone and after downloading our app, installing the video on a small patch on the card. Mom reads the card, and with her smartphone plays back your video. There you are expressing in your own words what only you can say to your mother.

Unlike the old cards that often get lost or tossed out,videos on MemoryTag cards can be preserved and played again and again as cherished memories.

There is no tonic as great as laughter. MemoryTag cards are the Saturday Night Live of greeting cards.

For information go to https://memorytag.cards/collections/seasonal.