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May 17, 2009


I cannot take a man seriously who has the equivalent of a labradoodle on his head.<

I don't care what he is talking about or even if it's interesting, when you commit a hair-crime as serious as this, as punishment your credibility and dignity is immediately removed. When you marry this up with being an accessory to a mullet that has been styled to enhance your bouffyness and then claim it is natural this in itself is a sad reflection on the state of a nations hairdressers and the heinous hairy harm they have created. That your wife steadfastly sits there and lies to your face and tells the rest of the guests present that she loves it and then runs her fingers through it made me upsick in my mouth no less than 3 times.  How can we continue to let these people roam freely in society. I find it abhorrent not to mention completely naff that one could be allowed to issue these follicle instructions to anyone with a pair of scissors. It's wrong, well it's certainly not right. This man needs a good slapping across the forehead with a wet fish.

If I'd had a fish last Friday I would've gone Don Corleone on his dome.

But sadly his springy mane gets to jiggle another day.