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May 28, 2011

Apparently Jeffrey Belaphonte is in the market for hiw own article.

Son of a bitch found me.

Hi, Mr Sensibly Stupid here.

Today kids where going to be talking about Jeffrey belaphonte.

Mr belaphonte is a close friend of mine aswell as my editor,producer and director.
He will soon be starting his own articles so i wish him all the luck in the world........but i will give you this word of warning.

You see Jeffrey is the type of man who gets out of the bath to take a shit, I don't know about you but i find that type of man hard to trust.

So here's a story about him you might find intresting.

A long time ago me and jeffrey where in a deep philosophical conversation when all of a sudden he started to cry. I asked him what his issue was and he replied simply with this.

"Mr sensibly stupid, I do not know if you know this about me but I am a recovering alcoholic and I feel I need to be honest with you for our relationship to carry on, but seven years ago when you where arrested for that string of childrens entertainer murders in manhattan, well it was me i did them all, when I drink I have no control I have the urge to kill clowns,mime's,magicians you name it I've wanted to kill them.
I am so sorry can you forgive me?"

I stood up shocked and disgusted, I pulled up my trousers told the dwarf to get from under me and ushered the carni folk out of the door. Well Jeffrey this is an unfortunate  situation but a simple solution can be found.

To this day he has been my faithful man servant doing all i bid, from lines of blow out of the hair of a homeless man or simply cleaning my scrotum.

I wish Jeffrey all of the luck in his article.