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February 06, 2009


I work at a restaurnat and like all restaurants it is full of out-going geniuses. I can not complain about the job. It provides me with money and I have fun everyday I work(probably gonna get me fired). the people I work with are what make it great. The conversations that go on will not challenge your intellect but they will make your head hurt. The other day a couple of us were standing around talking(pretty much all we do) when Denise asks,"Do you think Justin is gay?" Justin, a fellow server, is a man of small stature(5'0") but a very cool guy. Before I could reply to the question another server, Scott, jumps in with, "Why, because he's short?" As if height was a genetic marker for homosexuality. The idea that someone was gay because of their height just left everyone speechless and dumbfounded. I thought maybe he misspoke or would realize how retarded what he just said was but then he said, "Because he's short right?" In the time he had to think about what he said, not only did he not think there was anything wrong with it he was even more assured in his belief shown by his restating it. I started laughing and just couldn't stop. I was laughing so hard my manager yelled at me and told me to go in the back. Everybody tried to explain to Scott how dumb his statement was but it didn't change anything. He still believed there was some correlation between height and homosexuality. As I said before there aren't any conversations that go on at work that will make you smarter but there are definitely some that will leave you speechless.