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Published December 21, 2012
THE BIGGEST A-HOLES OF 2012 BY JOSHUA PROCTOR Lance Armstrong   Lance won the Tour De France 7 times!!!! Did you hear me? A race that nobody cares about he won 7 times!!! And how do you make people care about you winning a bike race 7 times? CHEAT!!!! Not only cheat but then lie and lie and then lie some more about how you didn't cheat. Kept that up right up until you can't anymore  and then make a big deal about you stepping down as chairman for a group you started. It makes me wondering what else he lied about? Maybe cancer isn't that bad. Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan  They are not on this list just cause they are losers. They are on this list cause of the way they were trying to win. Their "say fake facts and you prove us wrong" strategy got them pretty close to the White House. It was like they were neck and neck in a Nascar race and 60 feet from the finish line their car wheels fell off and the car blew-up and Mitt got out ok but he left Paul for dead and then Mitt crawled to the end a bloody mess. "Fearless" Felix Baumgartner   What kind of person wants to jump from space? A asshole. Mass Shooters   First they ruined the new Batman movie. I mean come on I could see doing it during Total Recall or even Premium Rush cause it would like putting people out of a lot of pain but doing it during Batman? You are just a dick. Then you got the shooter in the Oregon mall. Now he only killed 2 people (which is almost half of the population of Oregon) but still think about it you live in Oregon! How many malls could they have there? And I don't want to be shot at when I am at one. I think there was a 3rd mass shooting too.......but I can't really recall the facts from that one  The Rolling Stones   UGH!!!!!!!! WHY ARE THEY STILL AROUND? I swear I feel like I am watching a Walking Dead spin-off every time I see them on stage. JUST STOP PLEASE!!!! We know all of your songs. You don't need to make people pay $1000 a ticket to watch you try to get through singing She's a Rainbow. Just go home please Hurricane Sandy  Hurricane Sandy is just reminded people that nobody really cares unless it happens to New York. While the President was in New Jersey and weeks after the storm they had a concert to raise money for the home of The Jets. New Orleans was down there like "Hey we still need a lot of help down here. Please?" I am starting to think that Kanye West is the only that cares. Jovan Belcher  He really didn't want to play for the Chiefs. I can't blame him People that wear glasses with no lenses   I just don't why this is going on. Who started this? Why do people think it looks good. I mean what is next shoes without soles? Hey! Maybe they should making cars like they had in The Flintstones! Colorado   When people think of Colorado they think of 3 things. John Elway,Kobe raping a bitch and high school kids shooting high school kids. But since Colorado made weed legal every d-bag with a Phish shirt is heading that way. (Mile high joke) Jerry Sandusky   What do you call a older man that likes younger boys? A nittany lion! I mean Sandusky did help Penn State get talked about on ESPN for the first time in months. I mean why would you not want your son on a team that take showers with their coaches? They are saving water like crazy! NHL Players   HEY HOW DO YOU MAKE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOUR SPORT? GO ON STRIKE! How dumb do they feel? When NFL was having a lockout that is all anyone could talk about. Half the time I forget about the NHL lockout until I am watching ESPN 2 and they have something on the bottom saying they more games have been canceled. The NHL lockout is like a kid saying he will would his breath and everyone lets him. Fun   First off they have a lot of balls calling themselves Fun while fun is probably the last thing they are. They are on this list really for nothing they did. It is more the fact that the 2 songs they have been playing on the radio nonstop for the last 18 months. I swear the next I hear We Are Young I will mass murder suicide everyone in sight. Why would anyone ever go see them live? I mean take a 10min drive down the street and you will hear their greatest hits. I think when the Mayans said the world will end in 2012 they were talking about the band Fun LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE:JOSHUA'S POINT OF VIEW FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @TODAJETS