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February 27, 2010


So...I got my hair done today :) David (who is mega hot BTW), really outdid himself and gave me some highlights and a sexy, great cut. I feel good about it. So, I get home and of course Nigel has nothing nice to say. My daughter sees me and just says "WOW!", and she's right :) Nigel begrudgingly gets out the camera because I like to take pics of my hair when it's new for 2 reasons 1)Vanity and 2) If I want the same thing again, I have a pic of it for reference. So, we took a few pics and he complained, blah blah. Kelly was playing with her Sesame Street toys which prompted me to take a few pics of her, then Nigel went "out", so I took a couple funny pics of myself with Oscar, Elmo and the got a little silly Lady and the Tramping a cookie with cookie monster. I know he will come in and bitch that he doesn't want to upload the photos for me...what he doesn't know is that I took a topless photo of myself wearing a tiarra LOL and I can't wait to hear his jaw hit the floor. LMAO!! Men just don't have a chance ;p